Remembering two women I love and miss in their favorite cookie recipes – Part I My Meshuga Mama’s Rugelach Recipe:

As we celebrate Chanukah these past few days and move into the holiday season with all of the different ways to celebrate the return of light, for me there is no better place than at the oven baking and thinking of two inspirational women from my life. Following today and tomorrow will be two recipes that make me think of these ladies as their spirits are forever in my mind and I can feel them ever closer with me in the kitchen.

My mother was an amazing cook and an even greater baker. Her forte beyond her highly praised chocolate mousse recipe was her cookie recipes. I loved the chocolate chip cookies she made almost weekly for my stepfather, but the cookies that most remind me of my mother is her Rugelach. A few years ago I asked her to share her Rugeach recipe and below are directly our e-mail correspondence regarding said piece of family heritage

Meshuga Mama’s Rugelach Recipe:

1/2 pound unsalted butter

8 ounces of cream cheese

2 cups flour

3 heaping tablespoons white sugar

optional fillings: (preserves – apricot or raspberry, chocolate chips, sugar/raisins/nuts, or any combo of the above)

cream together butter, cream cheese and sugar

add flour and mix to form a smooth dough.

wrap in plastic wrap, and refrigerate until fairly firm at least an hour

divide ball into 2

roll out dough on a lightly floured board

to make a circle about 1/16th inch thick

now some people put the stuff on top and then cut it into16

pieces, some cut it in 16 pieces and then put stuff on top.

you can put a thin layer of jam tiny chocolate chips, finely chopped nuts and raisins and cinnamon and sugar, or use different combos. be careful not to overfill or it will make a mess. (Ra’s note – I am still working on this and it is true, I highly recommend baking these on parchment paper to catch the mess.)

starting at the wide end roll up, place on ungreased cookie sheet

sprinkle with a little sugar and cinnamon

bake at 350 until they smell done

straight from yur meshuga mama……..

My reply to Meshuga Mama: “Ummm how long is until they smell done?”

Mama Reply: “You know Ra until the house smells like a beautiful baked good smell of butter and sugar.  for 20 or 5 minutes or golden.”

Thanks Mama. I think of you allways, especially when my house smells nice filed with baked goods and the scent of butter and sugar.

Your Meshuga,

Ramona Sky

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  1. Jess #

    I just tried making these! i need a lot more practice, but you inspired me & now I’ll have to bring some over for you to try!

    • Ra #

      Oh Jess, I am so proud of your baking prowess! And it warms my heart that you baked these. I can’t wait to taste them!!

      These cookies inspired enough baking they may inspire a follow up blog post. Makes my meshuga mama and me so happy to see this inspire people.

  2. Anne #

    OK so I baked some too. The cooking time seems a lot closer to 20 minutes than 5. It was so fun and I couldn’t help but think about times I made rugelach with my beloved meshuga friend Boo. Raspberry and chocolate here. I wish we could all hook up for mutual admiration of our creations . . . Thanks Ra for sending out the recipe and the love.

    • Ra #

      I am touched beyond words that so many (ok two in one day) people are moved to bake these! It is inspiring a new blog post. I know people could just follow the comment section, but I want to share the pictures of this moment. Meshuga Boodie is certainly looking down or side ways or around a corner with affection at this moment and on each of us in our kitchens!

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