Singing For Our President In Kenya

Our home in Kenya was full of sounds – laughter, singing, the TV playing dubbed Telenovelas. But there was one song in particular we liked to sing. It doesn’t need much introduction, nor necessarily does it need translation from its original Kikuyu lyrics.

There are many versions of these videos because everyone in our house loved to sing this song, and more than that loved for me to video tape them and then watch it back on my camera. I can still hear the peels of delighted laughter from the two young girls at seeing themselves.

Singing for Mr. President from Ramona Collier on Vimeo.

I have only included two versions here, but believe me all you need to do is watch and eyes sparkle, smiles light up, and a bridge from Kenya to America is somehow standing before you.

To my songstresses many thanks for the hours of laughter and light. And to Mr. President, this one is for you….



Sing It Ladies from Ramona Collier on Vimeo.

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08 2011

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