A Cyclist Is Born

It is hard to believe I have been in Salinas for only a week, and not the better part of a lifetime. There has been so much to do in a week and the difference in my life feels like such a long time should have passed. Anne and I wasted no time in getting me driving in the car, and with five days and 100 miles under our belts we decided with Beth’s help to tackle the next two wheels.

Friday afternoon under auspicious skies that had only hours earlier watered the green hills, and fed the abundant flourish of wild flowers that adorn the area, we hit the pavement, bike handlebars in hand!

It may have taken me more than 33 years to get to this point but it only took my two excellent teachers an hour (they claim less) to get me up and riding a bike around the neighborhood.

No training wheels for me, actually at first no peddles either, but we moved passed that part of the lesson in no time. Go figure Ra wants to ride and there is no keeping her from the open road!

The feeling of accomplishment the first time I did peddle and keep myself up was amazing. Such a rush to have something that for so many years you had to say with a slight error of hesitation you couldn’t do, and now to know that statement was falling behind you with the wind at your back.

I was in such secure hands with Anne and Beth running on either side of me in the first moments. And as I pulled out alone the first time and rode down the street I exclaimed my excitement “I AM RIDING A BIKE!!!!!” as two seven-year-old girls rode by. Their bikes were decked out pink wonders with streamers and bells and I could feel them look at me and think, well so are we. But the feeling of a 33 year old learning to do something new is such a rich sense of accomplishment I didn’t even take notice.

I continue my daily practice with wheels of every kind. We drive to Salinas, Monterey, Pacific Grove, and today the Highway. We bicycle around the neighborhood and today Beth and I took our first “long” ride to a nearby store.I become more self-assured with every turn (that counts for both the car and bike) and each goal met. I have found in my week, yes again it seems too brief, that while I may come late and I may have trepidations, no aspiration is out reach. With the right amount of determination, a lot of practice, patience, and work, and some wonderful teachers by your side, anything at any time in your life is achievable.


Ra (the new rider in the house)

For those of you who care – In one week I have driven approximately 200 miles and rode a bike approximately 6 miles!

Photos: 2 through 8 By: Beth

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