Driving Days

I am back from Southeast Asia but the places I visited and the people I met are hardly ever far from my mind. I still feel so impressed, impacted, and inspired by my trip. There will certainly be more posts about my experiences and my adventures over there, and probably inspirations for years to come.

But now that I am back in California, we wasted no time in the next step of the RAvolution – getting Ra to be mobile – learning to drive and ride a bike! I have arrived in glorious Salinas, the land of John Steinbeck, surrounded by green hills, fields of growing produce, blue rolling waves of California’s famous coast, and purple wild flowers. While I am still getting used to life in the picturesque fertile valley that served as so many creative giants’ inspiration, Anne and I wasted no time in getting me started with what I am here to do – start driving!

We headed to the California DMV yesterday and after years of not taking a test of any kind I felt my nerves raise as the blood rushed to my head, about taking the written test I have passed twice before but never followed through with. I passed the test (whewww!) and we hit the road, with me saying “There is no time like the present.”

I drove approximately 20 miles yesterday, to and from dinner and around the neighborhood, and to put this in comparison that is probably more than I have driven with both of my other permits and my golf cart experience combined.

I noticed mid way through my trip to Asia that my feelings about traffic changed , and as they changed I knew that how I would drive and feel about driving had changed. I knew in the once imagined chaos that became familiar that my every idea of driving would be somehow altered. As we drove back into Thailand a month after leaving and my friend Justin said “Ramona you aren’t flinching with every vehicle, the way you did when we drove from Bangkok to Cambodia,” I knew that the changes that I had been feeling happen inside me as we crossed these various countries, intersections, and highways had made a very sincere transformation. I become less afraid in a month, not just of the oncoming cars or the ones behind me that might want to pass but I had also become more confident behind my own wheel of a car.

As I cruised down the interstate last night at speeds of 60 miles per hour, I realized how much Asia, life, and the RAvolution has taught me in a short time, and how much more I have yet to learn, how to park for instance, or ride a bike. But maybe that is what I am finding is wonderful in life and the RAvolution right now, the act of learning and trying new things, seeing life at work and seeing that work pay off on the road and in a million other places.

Happy Cruising,

Ra (fully permitted and ready to drive)

Picture 4 and 5 By Anne

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04 2011

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  1. 1

    ahhhhh! I cannot handle the mental image of you behind the wheel of a car! Glad you are enjoying it.

  2. Jessica #

    60 mph? Already?? Nice! Kitty is waiting for you to take her out for a spin. And the thought of going biking together is very exciting 🙂

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