The Baking Goes On

This past weekend I posted two recipes for cookies my mother and grandmother loved and taught me to love and bake by their sides.

Well the baking goes on….and not by me. It seems that a few pictures of my Meshuga Mama’s Rugelach has sparked a desire for these small, neat, parcels of comfort and joy to find their way into other kitchens from one coast to another. In fact they found their way into my good friends Anne and Jessica’s kitchen.

Yesterday I was minding my own business going about work, trying to figure out how one gets a visa to go by land border from Vietnam into Laos without having to pay a second Visa for Vietnam or submit my passport via mail to an embassy in DC, when I got a little picture from Anne that said she was baking Rugelach and thinking fondly of her friend Madame Boodie (how my mother referred to herself not me).  Anne’s cookies looked oh so delicious and it made my heart brim knowing we both loved and missed this person and could feel just the slightest bit closer to her infectious presence by mixing, rolling, and tasting her beloved Rugelach recipe.

A few hours later as I sat and worked after meetings and work calls Jessica sent a message saying she had been provoked to try these delightful delicacies herself. Now Jessica while one of the most wonderful, giving, adventurous people I know has to her own description never been a baker – she said she once burned water. While she has become a remarkable cook in the past year she has always admonished that she was not a baker. When she saw this recipe she said to herself “I have most of these ingredients here in the house and this doesn’t sound too complex and Mike and I LOVE Rugelach, I am going to give it a try”. Her attempt…WONDERFUL and delicious, a baker she is!!

From the golden hills of Salinas to 8th Avenue in New York, everyone is rolling out the dough and sprinkling the sugar, spreading the jam, and making their homes smell like a beautiful baked good smell of butter and sugar.

It couldn’t mean more to me that this recipe has struck a chord. There is something in knowing the person you love and miss is being loved, missed, and more important, remembered and in a small bite size way immortalized in their cookie recipe. My hats and oven mitts are off to you. And from the bottom of my heart I love and appreciate that you are at your ovens and honoring and remembering Meshuga in every way that she is remembered.

Moved beyond belief and eating more cookies,


Photo Credits:

Photo 1: Anne’s Cookies by Anne Hietbrink

Photo 2: Jessica’s Cookies by Jessica

Photo 3: Candid shot of friends Boo & Anne at the beach in Pacific Grove CA 2008 by Ra

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  1. Anne #

    OMG I can’t believe I am a character in your blog! Makes me feel less like an old woman, at least for today. Thanks Ra. Love you.

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