A Day Among Many for Thanksgiving

With so many reasons to give thanks and be grateful Thanksgiving is a lovely way to celebrate what too often gets lots in the shuffle of our busy lives through most of the rest of the year.

I spent this year’s Thanksgiving with my friend Jenni in her home with her roommate from the Netherlands, and her other roommate from Australia, a dancer from Minneapolis, Jenni’s close high school friend visiting from Portland, a friend from Cuba, and another friend from Long Island. We were a cornucopia of backgrounds, accents, and life experiences. But on this Thanksgiving we all met in one blue house in a freshly painted green kitchen to share a day, a meal, and a whole lot of enjoyment and joy.

The walls adorned with art we were a colorful bunch and expressed our creativity freely from the table decorations to the menu to the conversation. We baked pies from scratch, brussel sprouts dressed up for the occasion with bacon and chestnuts, stuffing with rosemary, that was enough to be thankful for in itself, and the star of the day… our turkey. We were so taken with our lovely glistening golden and brown bird we just couldn’t pass up the chance to well have a bit of an impromptu picture taking moment (errh moments…)

There is so much in life to be thankful for starting with LIFE. But especially this year I am grateful each and every day for the relationships that allow my life to be the garden of beauty it is. For the feeling that I felt this year and I could sense in my sister’s tired but content voice, a feeling of relief that in one year we could feel such a difference and such a greater sense of missing but still now relief. To be able to enjoy the day without hesitation and see in the experience from the past year the deeper richer sense of purpose in the day elevated, as our smoldering turkey was elevated not just by the thick flavor of gravy and cranberries but by the people who helped share the kitchen and the table.

We finished our night in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge in the Blue House’s back yard gathered around a fire pit roasting marshmallows to go with our pie and sipping coffee with the whisper of cardamom and whiskey.

Thank you Jenni and to my new friends who have made this day a perfect reflection of what it stands for.

Cheers everybody to a life filled with gratitude and the wonderful day in the year we all celebrate it together.

One grateful and still full,


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11 2010

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    Ra! Ra! Ra!

    I love how much symbolism is in this name of yours, Ra (Egyptian God of the Gods as well, no?)
    You’re friend and mine, Jenni, passed along the info to your blog – I love it!
    About your journey to come… I did a similar thing this past summer – left for three months (money be damned, packed my life into a 5×10 storage unit and vacated the continent) and just said yes to needing something different, something new… A breaking out of the chrysalis moment so to speak.
    It was so great to meet you on Thanksgiving… enjoy the journey and your RAvolution!
    I can’t wait to read more about it. 😉


    • Ra #

      Thanks Ellen. It was great to meet you as well and spend Thanksgiving together.

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