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Hold things lightly; plans fall apart and other unexpected plans arise and take me by surprise, but I try to remember to hold things lightly as they will likely change. So was my thought a year ago when I was asked to do a job in Palm Springs, a place I have always wanted to visit. Hold the hope lightly but I remembered jobs fall through (this happens all too often) and sometimes jobs and opportunities happen with no time for hope to even take place (ah Seoul still a shining memory). But I held the hope that this job might happen when people told me it might be canceled, I held it lightly as I talked to friends about possibly meeting me, I held lightly but was ready for the trip to not necessary take place. Pleasantly I was surprised the job worked out and I planned for the start of 2018 to be in Palm Springs.


I have always loved old Hollywood and the glamour and stories from a time past but held immortal in film and photos. I imagined Marilyn Monroe and the Rat Pack sitting beneath palm trees, next to ultra blue pools, amidst the mid-century modern houses of Palm Springs and wanted to visit. I extended my trip by two extra days and decided to spend one strolling the streets of Palm Springs and lazying by a pool with the beautiful book, THE BRIGHT HOUR. The other day I ventured out into the desert and to the awesome landscape of Joshua Tree.


It was amazing driving to Joshua Tree National Park and as I started to see a few of the Joshua Tree’s along the highway the other-worldly appearance by the side of the road felt unreal. The town of Joshua Tree with its bizarre and fabulous art including the Crochet Museum, and then I turned into the park and the views as I drove just continued to surprise and delight me. The occasional tree growing into fields filled with trees, the giant prehistoric rocks, and the vast vistas of dessert, rocks, and Joshua Tree’s with outstretched arms up to the blue sky.





My mom, sister, and stepfather used to come to the desert every spring, and I knew my mom felt the desert was a sacred place to her. As I drove I could imagine her sitting across from me, hand out the opened window with a slim cigarette dangling between her fingers. Walking among the giant boulders and down paths between cactuses I could imagine her smiling from ear to ear and looking skyward and saying how much she lovvvved the sun! Sitting amid the landscape she drew and spoke of so fondly I could hear her whisper how happy she was I was finally seeing this place. I felt honored to spend a day in a landscape that was humbling and inspiring in its natural wonder.





As I held this trip lightly things changed and as it turned out the two days were just me and the desert and a town I had always wanted to see. It was lovely and delivered what I had hoped for, I loved the small town feel of Palm Springs with the mountains in the backdrop. I loved the combination of being a part of nature and being able to end the day by a blue pool because that might just be who I am. I am grateful for the opportunity to have visited this place, and for the realization of the little hope held lightly for a year coming to fruition.


It was a brief visit but below are a few of the details I loved from my stay. I stayed at the Del Marcos Hotel and loved it, easy downtown location and friendly staff. I had some great meals at Cheekys, Jake’s, El Mirasol, and Natural Sisters Cafe in Joshua Tree.


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