My Sister Has Been Published

My sister is a great writer; truth be told she is the writer in our family; the one who always expressed her emotions, her dreams, and spent her time writing poetry, memories, and some very interesting stories as a child. It is with such excitement that I share that she has been published on the website

She has been working and editing this piece for the last few weeks and it is so thrilling to see the finished product. The piece is heartfelt and thoughtful; it is full of the emotions, the memories, and the hope of the last few years. I couldn’t be happier or prouder of her.

Annnnd as the absolute bonus, we have both so enjoyed this website and know our mom would have LOVED it! Somewhere on a bench surrounded by purple flowers my mother is saying, “my daughter got published on a website called HelloGrief! MY DAUGHTER GOT PUBLISHED ON A WEBSITE CALLED HELLOGRIEF!! This is too fucking cool kid, too cool.”

Big love and read the fabulous article by the immensely talented Camila Martin The Fine Line Between Hope And Panic

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12 2012

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    Beautiful work! So proud of Camila for getting this published for all to see!

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