Oh Sugar

Oh Sugar, OH SUGAR! I have become completely entranced with the writer Cheryl Strayed also known to some as Sugar.  I have been reading WILD and TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS and have become absolutely undone and put back together again.

Her writing is luminous, it is honest at its most heartbreaking core, it’s reassuring, enlivening, and stunning.  I have wept and giggled in equal measure as I read and I found myself so often embracing both books to me the way I wish I could embrace my mother so many times.

Sweet peas, glow bugs, beauties, beasts, and lovable savages; she sees it all and says it in a truth that is inspiring to push ourselves to become our better selves.

Thank you Cheryl Strayed for the most amazing reading and sharing so much of your life, for putting words so eloquently to the emotions that leave so many speechless. Thank you to Timmy for the signed paper, to Jennifer for introducing me to the wonder that is Sugar SUGAR, thank you Nugget for sharing WILD and all that is Cheryl Strayed’s writing and listening to so many of my very poor readings of her profound words; you are right our Mom would be crazy about her!

Love, love, love, love, love you all like iron dinner bell,


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12 2012

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