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“Don’t Worry Be Happy.” Before Bobby McFerrin made this phrase famous in his song, Meher Baba started these words. I grew up with Meher Baba as more than just an image in my imagination and these words as more than just a hip catch phrase. We had pictures of Meher Baba throughout our house in black and white, at times peeling and ripped at the edges, placed in the most unusual spots. The picture I most remember is the one that lived for my entire life in our bathroom; it showed Meher Baba adorned with a necklace of marigolds and this sentence prominently written across it. I saw it every day and my mother would refer to it and Meher Baba as if he were a distant uncle who lived in India and not a spiritual guru from a different generation. I was pretty sure my mom even talked to this picture at times.

It feels like a good time of year to mention Meher Baba and his brilliant (and simple) advice. Tis the season of longer nights, shorter days, infinite to do lists, and what always seems like a more anxious and worried humanity. We are in the thick of advent and the time between Thanksgiving and New Years. Everyone seems to have more to do and less time to do it.

And with all of this in our minds, I thought it the perfect time of year to introduce you to my friend Colin’s website. Colin and my mom were always close. My mom loved Colin; she loved his mind, his sense of humor, and his deep questions about the universe. She would recount to me on many occasions a profound conversation she had with Colin at this or that event. On one such occasion she giddily told me about a new venture they had created. The idea on this evening was an online place to send your worries. “Imagine it Ra,” she said “a place like Mr. Google where you just send your worries and with a click they disappear into that cyber world”. I laughed along, but somewhere did think how nice it would be to have a place to send all my many worries.

This summer while I was in Kenya, Colin e-mailed me and mentioned this idea and said he had been thinking a lot of my mom and this conversation. In June he had been prompted to start a very basic website.  I can’t tell you how much my mom would be proud of Colin – as a man, as a new father, and as a spirit who followed through with one of their out of this world ideas.

I invite you all to meet the best cyber idea I have come across in a while. And at this very hectic time of year, I encourage you to take the great advice of Meher Baba and Bobby McFerrin “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” and if you can’t then log on and send your worries away with me.

Thank you Colin for seeing this great idea through. Thank you for continuing to make Barbara’s ideas live and find new people.

Season’s greetings and may your holidays be free from worry!



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