The Topsy Foudation “Selinah”

This is the remarkable video from Topsy, an organization I love. The Glass Contraption whom I worked with introduced me to Topsy when they did two clown residencies here.

“The Topsy Foundation partners with rural communities, empowering people infected with, and affected by, HIV and AIDS, through medical care, social support and skills development. The Topsy Foundation has a future vision of flourishing rural communities, where a generation of young people, who in spite of the impact of HIV and AIDS, are productive participants in society.”

Note: Quote taken from Topsy Foundation Website. See link for more information.

I hope you are as inspired as I am by this video. Hope is out there, it doesn’t cost much, as low as 40 cents a day according to RED can purchase the medication that can have this affect on a life.

~ Ramona

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10 2011

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  1. Justin #

    Thank you for sharing this!! So incredibly moving and well done…

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