A Beautiful Book About A Tragic Crisis

Upon returning from Kenya a wonderful family friend in San Francisco sent me a book by one of her friends. The book is a stunning photo account along with the remarkable stories I became too accustomed to while spending my time in Kenya.

Face To Face Children Of The Aids Crisis In Africa is the stunning story and images of life in its hopeful persistence in the face of heartbreaking sadness. It looks at the effects of an ongoing epidemic that has taken too many lives and left too many children to grow up before their time and in unthinkable circumstances. The images take me back and the stories resound with the truth of what I experienced during my time at the orphanage. But beyond anything the book, along with what I saw in every face and with every handshake in my small town, is the inspiring testament of the human spirit, of resilience, and of the amazing people doing what they can to make a difference in a myriad of ways.

The end of the book has an enlightening chronology of Aids in Africa that left me devastated by its 30 year history and more strikingly its enormous and continuing devastation on a personal and global level.

I encourage everyone to get a copy of this book – to read the stories, to see the faces of the children, and to do some good while you turn the pages. All proceeds from the book go to organizations dedicated to helping Africa Aids Children.

Thank you Iris for thinking of me, and for sharing this incredible book, and for the compassion you show so openly to those in your life.


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09 2011

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