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Finding New Beginnings in a New Year

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.” T.S. Eliot from Little Gidding II

Happy 2012! Somewhere between 2 wonderful weeks in Pennsylvania with my dear friend Jessica and her fabulous family, and an impending work trip to Las Vegas this week, there has been a lot of life.

I rang in the New Year with pots, pans, a flurry of joyous noise, and hugs from our group in pajamas. It was the end of a visit to see my friend of over 30 years, her husband, and her 4 beautiful girls. This year was extra special as her parents were home from Nicaragua and came for Christmas; and her brother, his wife and their four kids were in the US from the Middle East. It was a full but happy home for the holidays.

I came back and started 2012 with a new apartment. While I might have mixed feelings about settling back down, there are no mixed feelings about having my own nest again, and the place I found feels like it might make a really nice home. Some of my favorite things about my new neighborhood – that is of course after the fact that I can walk to see close friends are below in links.

Only blocks to the Brooklyn Museum of Art

Around the corner from Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and they are free on Tuesdays, guess where I will spend my spring?!

Prospect Park

Grand Army Plaza Farmers Market

And one of my most exciting, I joined the Park Slope Food Coop! One of the oldest and largest food coops in the US (and the members have a sense of humor.)

I look forward to settling into my new digs and entertaining here. I am also so excited to explore all the fun places to eat and drink in my new neighborhood. Nothing like a new start to a new year!

I don’t know what 2012 will hold but I started it with a bang, clash, and love and I have every belief the year can be as exciting as 2011 in a different way.

With all this activity and still a house full of boxes – anyone seen my kitchens knives or cups out there? Eh I’ll find them some day. I did find an easy recipe to make for my first home cooked meal in my new kitchen – I combined and pared down 2 recipes from GOOP and VEGETARIAN TIMES to make it without spices, since I still don’t have those yet. It was a lovely roasted squash with wild rice, cranberries, vinaigrette, and I roasted some brussel sprouts to accompany it. I hope you enjoy 2012 – the paths and trips you take this year, the food you eat, the friends and family you spend time with, and whatever the voice within you comes to say.



Photo Credit: Photo 2 by Sarah Elizabeth, Age 5.


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