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One Big Love

We are in Costa Rica on land.

The cruise ended on the most splendid and wonderful note, and as challenging as parts of it were I have to say I was filled with such gratitude and my spirit at times was so lifted.

Our last day was perhaps one of the best of the trip. We were in San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua and I was surprised how much I loved this stop. The day was very windy and the water the choppiest of the trip, so the captain advised those unsure not to go ashore (we had to step from our boat to small tenders in the ocean every day to go on shore). I went to a Hacienda experience (touristy but one of the few cultural things) and then I walked through this sweet and unspoiled town. It is a small beach town with surfers and expats like so many Caribbean and Central American towns untouched filled with color and its own character. The beach was filled with families enjoying Valentines Day and kids in their underwear in the surf. I saw a sweet little church and then ran into the ships trainer and my new friend who pointed me towards where a small hotel and bar up the hill. I walked up past flowers and palms and then enjoyed a cerveza and small lunch at this little oasis alone. It looked out over the beach and town and reminded me of where Anne took me on New Years day in Big Sur. As I looked out on this view of the Pacific I thought of my month in SF and all of you. Then I did the only shopping of the trip (only a lil something for you nugget) and then back to the ship.

Then it was back to the boat for the final Pilates class. One of the other surprises of this trip has been my new found LOVE of the gym, sometimes classes are alone and sometimes with 2 other Danish women who became friends. On this last night we went to the front of the boat outside on the deck, with music playing, the sun setting, and pelicans skimming the water we did our final work out together. So as we did Sun Salutation “Chariots of Fire” theme song and then “What a Wonderful World” and then “One Love” all played. And as our chariot of fire sank into the salty sea I thought of what a wonderful world it is and what big love I have this valentines day and every day. I am filled with such gratitude and happiness for the love and support that is present and for these moments of supreme beauty that remind us of it.

So from me to you for one final time on this trip, from sun to sea, one big love and appreciation.


PS – the night ended with dinner again with our friend the knight (no joke friend) and his teaching me the Scottish blessing “happy to meet, sorry to part, happy to meet again”. And then the other surprise of the trip Ra’s other favorite alone time after the stars on the deck a glass of champagne while listening to jazz guitar by myself.


02 2010

NOW – By Li’ Wah:

The poem from Val for this month, as winter inches toward spring, is called

NOW – By Li’ Wah:


That you are


I am

Like a bird’s nest

In winter.


02 2010

A Knight at Dinner

Well unlike A NIGHT AT THE OPERA, what I mean by this is very literal I just came from a dinner where I sat directly next to a Knight (as in a knight of her majesty’s, as in Sir). And believe it or not I was able to keep up conversation the entire time (ok so we all knew I could talk).

We are sailing along well after a week. At times it is lovely, at time it is the hardest and most demanding “work” I have ever done. We went to Mayan ruins and along a riverboat in Belize. I kayaked off a private Island in crystal blue waters alone where I could look down and see through the pristine waters to enormous colorful starfish on the oceans floor.

My favorite times of the day is my morning work out and my 5pm work out (who would have thought I LOVE my work out classes) it is time away with my anchor a Brazilian trainer and yoga, palates, boxing, circuit training, etc – I just exude the bottled energy as the ship travels forward. My other favorite time is now (after bed) when I go to the upper deck and watch what stars and planets and the ocean as it streams past our ship, at night it takes on the most amazing colors of blue.

Yesterday we were in Isla Roatan Honduras, while here conflicted as I was I went forward and did one of those “swim with the dolphin experience” (mind you I saw LOVED and tirelessly promoted the movie THE COVE). I feel these remarkable creatures should be free and safe in the wild, but having the chance to swim with them was astonishing. Perhaps even more remarkable for me was that we were escorted by one of our servers from the dinning room. She is from Poland and this was a highlight of her job for her, she treats us so well and to see her so excited and overjoyed by the experience was humbling and rewarding. After the swim she bought pictures for her mother and I took but one photo for my dad (me with my Biniek blue eyes, blue water, blue swim suit being kissed on my right cheek by a dolphin). It was sad to think that I would not be able to share this with my mother as she would with hers in Poland.

I have to say I am so fortunate in my life to have traveled to the extent that I have, it enriches me, excites me, and makes me the person I am today. Sailing away from Roatan while doing a sun salutation in my evening yoga class (ah me time!) I thought about myself and my living on this island of grief that I have inhabited these past months, and I said silently I will leave this island as I am sailing away. I will not leave it forever for like the current the tides with the moon will return me to these shores time and again. But I am leaving this island now, I will not make a home here, I will not put down roots and stay. My sorrow is with me always like the sand on the ocean floor but I cannot stay rooted in it, I must follow the movement of the water and sail gently into what ever may come next.

Tomorrow a day in Costa Rica. Tonight I will now go to the top deck to look at the night sky and be thinking of all of you my dears.

Thinking of all of you and sending you love,

Lady Ramona


02 2010

Setting Sail aka Getting My Sea Legs

We set sail yesterday under a stormy sky complete with rain, wind, and big waves. I felt a wee bit of tummy tension but my sea bracelet put a speedy end to that. But after a night of getting used to the gentle rock and mellow roll (ok some times it was a lot more) of mother ocean, we are like infants again in their mother’s womb. The sky cleared to a beautiful sunrise over vast still waters. I did an early morning yoga class followed by a speed walk around the ships walking circle.

There are pelicans beyond belief everywhere we go and they come so close to our hotel windows and today to the ship. Today we passed 11 miles west of Cuba.

We seem to be a toast of the ship complete with invitations to dinners and people being utterly transfixed with us (I think it is that I am the youngest guest on board no joke!)

The ship is like a mini EU and US contingent much like the Copenhagen meeting without talk of the climate, press, or Native American drum circles. I enjoy being around so many languages and with all of the European signs again.

My room is the size of a small NYC studio apartment (or the size of a SF dinning room) but is oh so nice with such views of water like I have never seen; I never draw my curtains closed day or night to never miss a moment of the changing views.

Tonight we have declined the invite by the ships Doctor to dinner opting instead to dine under the stars as it is a clear night, but I never thought I would be saying those words in my wildest rarest dreams.

Last night at 3AM I woke to small lights in the distance at first I thought it was a ship but then remembered the Florida Keys and sure enough it was them. They were the last place my mom took a real vacation last spring after “The Visit”. Last night as we slowly sailed past I could see her through space and time waving at my ship and wildly blowing kisses to me and all of you.

The breadth and majesty of the ocean and my infinite small being is so obvious when you are so immersed in the largest living, moving thing on the planet. I cannot wait to see my first night sky.

My love to all of you I carry you in my heart and wish I also had you packed in my suitcase,


PS – for those of you interested, Val – the music in my mind is “IT’S A SMALL WORLD“, and Dar Williams “OCEAN” and “FAMILY


02 2010