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Run Gina Run – You Ran the ING Marathon!!

My good friend Gina who has traveled with me through the Bahamas, Bali, New Zealand, and Fiji just completed the ING New York City Marathon and I was lucky enough to meet her at the finish line to help celebrate!

Gina is an incredible creative force (all of the wonderful custom made bottle top magnets people ohh and ahh after are her creations) and she is also a real adventuress like myself. She has wanted to run the New York City Marathon for 2 years and on Sunday Nov 7 in under 4hours and 55 min she completed all 26 miles of it!

The ING New York City Marathon is an event that is as inspiring as each of its individual runners. It was thrilling to be at the finish with all of the people being reunited, all of the accomplishment in the air, the people who were over joyed and jubilant (Gina was in this crowd, dancing in fact after running the entire day), and the people who just sat down on the curb and cried with exhaustion and emotion. And then there were the on lookers and the strangers that just congratulated everyone they saw. The city comes together at times like this and under the fall leaves of Central Park West and a perfect blue and not too cold sky I was lucky enough to meet my friend and celebrate her enormous accomplishment.

Congratulations Gina!! You inspire all of us, maybe not to run the marathon, but you inspire us to do what we love to do!


Your travel Buddy and Fellow Adventuress,


PS – Last photo was from our trip to New Zealand in Feb of 2009


11 2010